Healthcare Specialization We understand the intricacies of healthcare collections and the great finesse it requires. It's why we dedicate 100% of our energy and resources strictly to medical debt recovery. The result of our solitary focus is a keen sensitivity to patients' challenges, a constant awareness of and compliance with the laws and guidelines regulating healthcare collections, and the flexibility to meet our clients' individual needs.

Client Services and SupportEach of our clients is provided a Client Services Manager who acts as a liaison between CCC and your staff, allowing us to:

  • Respond quickly to your inquiries and changes
  • Best implement your collection policies and strategies relating but not limited to charity care, settlements and legal actions
  • Absorb many of your internal collection processing tasks with limited distractions to your staff

Our Collection ProcessControlled Credit utilizes a team collection approach to ensure we service clients and their customers in the most effective and efficient way. Our collectors first see debtors as patients, understanding that some may be facing significant challenges as a result of illness. Therefore, they approach each in a respectful manner, always mindful of protecting the patients' dignity and privacy. Because our collectors' salaries are commission based, they are highly motivated by outcomes and results and understand that our clients' customers are also their customers.

Fee StructureControlled Credit Corporation's fee structure is competitive to the market place and takes into account the scope of the project and the daily focus of our company and its staff to meet those requirements.