Controlled Credit Corporation Staff

Controlled Credit Corporation’s reputation as honest, friendly, and results-oriented was earned predominately by the professional, dedicated, and experienced staff employed here.

Client Services

Each client is assigned a Client Services Manager, who is a liaison between CCC and the clients. They are responsible for all aspects of client service including but not limited to the transfer of business, filing of claims, having a working knowledge of client’s systems, posting of payments, and handling of all client requests.

Director of Collections

Our Director of Collections oversees the entire collection process including management of the collection staff, account flow, internal and external calls, messaging, collection letters, and reporting. He answers client calls regarding questions or issues that arise. The Director of Collections also manages our legal department, which includes determining legal eligibility, generating reports, and maintaining a trial calendar. He acts as the intermediary between client and attorney and works directly with the attorney to prepare, file, and resolve legal suits.


Controlled Credit Corporation collectors’ average length of employment with us is 15 years. Our low collector turnover rate makes us highly reliable and significantly increases our recovery rates. The experience of our collection staff varies: some have worked for other collection agencies, while others have come to us from banks, medical providers, and accounts payable offices.

Information Systems

Our Information Systems Manager is responsible for the management of our network and supporting data systems, and the design of our custom programs which utilize several software programs. He developed our data warehouse, and internal and external reporting systems. He and his support staff work to process new business accounts, print collection letters, post payments, cancel accounts, create reports, offer client statement support, write interfaces that can be used on CCC’s computer system, and, in the event that an issue with the computer system arises, oversee and coordinate with the appropriate party to seek a resolution.